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Hello Adventurers !

Welcome to earthaVentures. The V in our name belongs to our founder Vené. One day she journeyed 22 hours to Sydney, Australia to study abroad as a Bioengineering student . Thus, our travel page venetravels_ (follow us on Instagram) was born. After the first 5 countries earthaVentures was born to help other travelers. We want to create a community that can share their experiences and find the right products that will make your next adventure amazing. Welcome !

This go pro is great for all of your adventure moments. It can be mounted on helmets for cycling or motorbike rides and so much more. 

If you love wearing jewelry this is the item for you.  The travel jewelry box holds my rings, bracelets, anklets and more.

The travel locks are TSA approved and can be used to keep your items safe while you travel.

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These are some of the frequently asked questions we receive. If you have more feel free to contact us !


Q: How do we make purchases in the amazon shop ?

A: Click the link of the item that you like and it will redirect you to the amazon website or app. You will be able to add the item to your cart for purchase.


Q:Who can subscribe to earthaVentures ?

A: Anyone can subscribe to join the earthaVentures community ! We want to build a community of travelers and visitors to our site to share experiences and teach others.


Q: Where can we find more travel content ?

A: The social media icons will redirect you to our Instagram page @venetravels_ and other social media accounts to explore more travel content and seek more inspiration !